1. Fighting is strictly prohibited. Anyone who fights will be expelled from the league. Verbal or overly aggressive play will result in possible expulsion from the game or league.

2. Referees’ decisions are final; please respect their verdicts.

3. No offside rule.

4. Flat indoor shoes only; no cleats or turf shoes of any kind are permitted.

5. Games are two equal periods of 20 minutes each, with one minute for halftime.

6. No slide tackling. A slide preventing a goal may result in a penalty.

7. Ball hits the ceiling:

a. A kick-in is taken at the closest point on the nearest touchline running parallel to the goal line.

8. Free kicks and corner kicks:

a. Opponents must be at least three yards away from the ball.

9. Goalkeeper cannot drop, kick, or punt the ball.

10. Futsal back-pass rule is in effect:

a. After any goalkeeper distribution by hands or feet, the ball must be touched by a second player, opponent, or cross the half line before it can be played back to the goalkeeper.

11. After a team's 6th accumulated foul in each half, the defending team will not be allowed to build a wall to block the kick. This results in a penalty kick from the first or second mark.